Mini-SAS HD铜缆组件


行业领先的HD MINI-SAS系统

安费诺Mini-SAS HD产品是SAS存储接口的新一代解决方案,可满足12Gb/s和24Gb/s的多通道带宽要求,同时可达到或超出SAS 2.1 SAS 3和SAS 4规范要求。Mini-SAS HD产品的端口间密度仅为11毫米,而传统Mini-SAS 2.1产品的端口间密度达到19.01毫米。

Mini-SAS HD产品完全符合SFF-8643和SFF-8644行业规范。Mini-SAS HD产品的外置连接器配置支持x4和x8外置电缆组件解决方案,并通过EEPROM支持提升了系统智能化水平。

  • 数据速率:最大24 Gbps
  • 电缆组件提供4x和8x配置
  • 符合SAS 3、SAS4和PCI Express标准
特性 优点
  • 电缆组件提供x4和x8配置
  • 为SAS系统数据带宽设计提供灵活的空间,可支持PCI Express 4x和8x
  • 自动焊接工艺以及Tx板与Rx板分离式设计可优化PCB空间
  • 满足24G SAS 4电气性能要求并降低串扰
  • 采用锁扣设计,最大锁扣保持力为180N
  • 可在机械应力条件下保持电缆连接
  • 拉卡提供多种长度和潘通(Pantone)颜色选项,可满足各种应用需求
  • 用户可根据实际系统设计需求选择不同的快拉绳颜色和长度选项
  • 连接器后壳采用薄型设计,适用于28 AWG和更小的AWG线号
  • 可在3米以内的应用场景中实现高密度I/O面板端口布局
  • 电缆组件中内置EEPROM
  • 符合标准内存映射规范,可进行定制
  • 混合外置电缆(Mini-SAS HD至Mini-SAS)
  • 可向后兼容旧式系统硬件
  • 30AWG至26AWG线径
  • 支持0.3米至5米的电缆长度
  • 可控导线管理和端接
  • 确保稳定一致的高速电气性能
  • 符合RoHS2标准
  • 环保

Special Article

The Amphenol Mini-SAS HD SFF 8644 product range offers high-speed interconnectivity for various applications and includes a Mini-SAS HD copper cable assembly. This Mini-SAS HD storage interface can support 6Gb/s, 12 Gb/s, and 24Gb/s and is compatible with all SAS versions, including SAS 2.1, SAS 3, SAS 4, and PCI Express.

The Mini-SAS HD (MSAS HD) products meet SFF 8644 and SFF 8088 industry standards. With a high port density of 11mm (port-to-port,) our cable assemblies are suitable for various applications, including high-performance computing, rack-mounted servers, and Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID).

External Mini-SAS HD connectors support x4 and x8 external copper cable assembly solutions and EEPROM.

Your copper cable assembly is integral to the performance of your MSAS HD configuration. Learn the specifications of the Amphenol MSAS HD cables below.

Amphenol offers a wide selection of Micro SATA cables and Mini-SAS HD cable assemblies to complete your data storage configuration. Our 12G and 24G Mini-SAS HD cables are compatible with a wide range of SAS connectors, including SFF 8644 and SFF 8088.

Each copper cable assembly consists of eight differential pairs and a SFF 8644-compliant backshell. The cable has electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) braiding to prevent electromagnetic interference. The cable materials have a UL Type 2 flammability rating, and they comply with REACH and RoHS2 regulations.

This cable is mechanically compliant to SFF 8644 standards, and is STA and PCI interoperability certified to ensure compatibility with various architectures.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized EM-888k laminated PCB with a gold finger, solder pads and separate Tx and Rx board designs, meeting the 24G SAS 4 electrical performance requirement. This PC board design also lowers PS-NEXT, FEXT, and AXT crosstalk.
  • A copper cable assembly is available in either a 4x or 8x configuration, providing flexibility for SAS system data bandwidth designs. These assemblies are also compatible with PCI Express 4x and 8x.
  • The MSAS HD cable features Electrical Erasable Read-Only Memory, or EEPROM, allowing for standard memory map compliance and the ability to make changes on the fly.
  • 26, 28, and 30 American Wire Gauge (AWG) cables have connector backshells with a low-profile design, making a high-density I/O panel port layout possible, provided that the application distance is less than 3 meters.
  • The cables feature an enhanced latch design that can withstand a retention force of up to 180N. Because of the high latch retention, cables will maintain their connection, even under stress. The latch design requires a low insertion force, allowing for easy connections.
  • A pull-to-release lanyard is available for HD SFF 8644 cable assemblies for easy disconnection. These lanyards are available in different lengths and colors to meet different application needs and system requirements.
  • Hybrid HD SFF 8088 to SFF 8644 external cables are available to connect Mini-SAS HD with Mini-SAS, making backward integration with legacy system hardware possible.
  • Cable sizes range from 26 to 30 AWG, and can support various cable length options, including 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m.
  • The production of every part takes place in compliance with RoHS standards, which lowers the occurrence of defects and ensures adherence to environmental standards.

A Mini-SAS HD SFF 8644 cable assembly primarily functions as a part of storage applications. This high-performance cable has a small profile so that manufacturers can add more than one part to a single piece of equipment. A typical application is the connection of two storage devices to make data consolidation and sharing possible.


  • (DAS) Communication switches
  • Storage racks
  • Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) systems
  • Data servers
  • External storage systems
  • Direct-attached storage systems
  • SAS/SATA HBA interfaces

Product Configuration
As a communication protocol, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is ideal for fast data transfers between storage devices. There is a complete part selection available for SAS connections, including connectors and cable assemblies. For external configurations, SFF 8088 and SFF 8644 connections are necessary.

The types of external cable assemblies that Amphenol has available in the United States include:

  • SFF 8088 to SFF 8644 Mini-SAS hybrid cable
  • SFF 8088 to SFF 8088 Mini-SAS cable
  • SFF 8644 to SFF 8644 Mini-SAS HD cable
The type of cable you need depends on your computer system. The primary difference between SFF 8088 and SFF 8644 is the connector part.

The SFF 8088 part has 26 pins, and the SFF 8644 connector has 36 pins. Without a hybrid cable, backward integration between these computer systems is not possible.

If you are looking to connect various storage devices, add the cable assemblies you need to your shopping cart and enjoy high data transfer rates and convenient storage consolidation.