Mini Cool Edge 0.60毫米连接器



Mini Cool Edge是一种0.60毫米间距的高密度、高速度卡缘连接器,适用于新一代小型化系统。这种细密间距的解决方案适合多种板对板应用,例如直角、平行扣卡和共面应用,并且支持电缆互连选项。

Mini Cool Edge 0.60毫米连接器符合SFF-TA-1002、Gen Z、EDSFF和OCP NIC 3.0规范。

  • 常见应用包括固态硬盘、网卡和扩展卡
  • 提供垂直、直角、夹板和正交选项
  • 支持从32GT/s至56GT/s的高速性能,最高可达112GT/s PAM4
特性 优点
  • 对于电源应用,信号针距为0.60毫米,额定电流为1.1A,最多支持12个插针
  • 适合低功率板对板应用
  • 可为模块卡供电
  • 信号插针选项包括56、84、140、168、280个插针
  • 可按需定制插针数量
  • 支持各种板对板连接以及FPGA、SSD、NIC等模块应用
  • 小型化设计
  • 紧凑型连接器
  • 分离式插针设计
  • 支持高达32G NRZ、56G PAM4、112G PAM4的单端高速差分对
  • 支持1.6毫米厚的配接板
  • 适合大多数标准板对板应用

The OCP NIC Standard In Terms of Connectivity

OCP NIC is a sub-project of the OCP Server designed to bring higher power densities to high-performance networking interface cards (NICs) so that servers can be made more compact. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern data centers, the OCP NIC, now in version 3.0, continues to set newer and newer benchmarks in performance, versatility, and reliability.

Performance Redefined
Experience unparalleled performance for the OCP NIC, with connectors such as Amphenol's Mini Cool Edge 0.60mm capable of delivering high-speed data transfer rates up to an impressive PCIe Gen 6 64 GT/s. This innovative solution ensures your data center network remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

Versatility at its Core
Adaptability is key in today's interconnected world, and the OCP NIC 3.0-certified Mini Cool Edge rises to the challenge with its diverse range of configurations. Whether you require vertical, right angle, or straddle mount, this versatile card edge connector offers the flexibility to meet your specific needs. From Solid State Drives to Network Interface Cards and Add-In Cards, the OCP NIC seamlessly integrates a multitude of applications, including FPGA, SSD, and NIC modules.

Reliability You Can Trust
Built upon a foundation of robust design and engineering excellence, the OCP NIC standard ensures dependable performance in even the most demanding environments. With a signal pin pitch of 0.60mm and a current rating of 1.1A/12pin max, our high-density Mini Cool Edge connector aligns with the standard by providing reliable power delivery for module cards in a compact form factor, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation when it matters most.

Empowering Your Network Infrastructure
Unlock the full potential of your network infrastructure with OCP NIC. Whether you operate in the realm of communications, commercial systems, networking, or high-end computing, this innovative networking interface card specification is poised to elevate your capabilities to new heights. From baseband processing to data-intensive applications, OCP NIC 3.0 and its connectors empower you to achieve peak performance and unparalleled efficiency.

Future-Proof Connectivity
Stay ahead of the curve with the OCP NIC technology, designed to support the evolving needs of tomorrow's data centers. Advocating support for high-speed differential pairs up to 64G PAM4 and offering the ability to upgrade to 112G PAM4 and 224G PAM4 in the future, the standard equips our Mini Cool Edge connectors to be future-proof ensuring your network remains primed for the challenges ahead.

Elevate Your Networking Experience with Mini Cool Edge
Engineered for performance, versatility, and reliability, this revolutionary networking interface card connection technology achieves a sheer balance between compactness and power delivery in the digital age.