® FPC-to-Board连接器的紧凑型设计可满足对汽车市场对狭小空间应用日益增长的需求。此款连接器设计符合USCAR-T2V2规范。 每触点额定载流能力为3A,以支持更高的功率应用。 " "> ® FPC-to-Board连接器的紧凑型设计可满足对汽车市场对狭小空间应用日益增长的需求。此款连接器设计符合USCAR-T2V2规范。 每触点额定载流能力为3A,以支持更高的功率应用。 " ">

FlexLock® FPC-to-Board连接器



FlexLock® FPC-to-Board连接器的紧凑型设计可满足对汽车市场对狭小空间应用日益增长的需求。此款连接器设计符合USCAR-T2V2规范。


FlexLock® 2.54毫米间距连接器提供10至30位双排垂直和水平通孔配置。

FlexLock® 3.20毫米间距连接器提供10至26位双排水平通孔配置。

  • 符合USCAR-T2V2标准
  • 回流镀锡降低配接力
  • 10至30位(2.54mm间距)
  • 10至26位(3.20mm间距)
  • 连接器二次锁止机构(CPA)
特性 优点
  • 端子回流镀锡工艺
  • 低配接和非配接力
  • 每触点额定电流为3A
  • 符合更高的电气性能要求
  • 端子锁止片(TPA)
  • 确保正确的端子插入位置和保持力
  • 压紧片
  • 增加板夹持力
  • 连接器二次锁止机构(CPA)
  • 确保连接器正确配接并牢固锁定

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and with it comes a growing need for advanced connectivity solutions. Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors have become essential components in the automotive industry, transforming the way electronic systems are incorporated into vehicles. As automotive technology continues to advance, FPC connectors play a critical role in enabling innovative features and improving overall performance.

Amphenol's FlexLock™ FPC-to-Board and Flex-to-Wire connectors are introduced to redefine automotive connector standards. With a focus on compactness, reliability, and performance, FlexLock™ sets a new benchmark for flexible circuit connectors in automotive applications.

FlexLock™ connectors are precisely engineered to comply with industry standards such as USCAR-T2V2 and LV-214 S3, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability. Whether it's board-to-board, flex-to-board, or flex-to-wire connections, they offer versatile solutions to suit a wide range of automotive applications. Featuring a nominal current carrying capacity of 2A per contact, these connectors are capable of supporting high-power applications while maintaining optimal signal integrity. The re-flow tin plating feature reduces mating and unmating force, guaranteeing smooth and efficient connections.

The benefits of these flexible circuit connectors extend beyond traditional connector functionalities. Available in 2.54mm and 3.20mm pitches, they cater to various types of automotive applications ranging from ADAS, car computing, and infotainment to advanced camera systems, monitors, navigation, radar, and LiDAR. They also find use in battery management systems within electric vehicles (EV). From 10 to 36 positions in double-row configurations to 4 to 15 positions in single-row through hole terminations, these automotive-grade connector system offers design flexibility.

Additionally, terminal position assurance (TPA) ensures proper terminal insertion, retention, and mating, enhancing overall reliability. This is especially beneficial for automotive applications, as it ensures a secure connection under conditions like vibration, temperature variations, and exposure to other harsh environmental factors. Hold-down features increase PCB grip force, while Connector Positioning Assurance (CPA) guarantees that connectors are properly mated and locked together, further enhancing system robustness.

At Amphenol, we are committed to delivering high-performance interconnect solutions tailored to meet unique customer demands. Get in touch with us to learn more about FlexLock™ and other FPC Connectors that suit your design requirements.