Custom Battery

Customized Harsh Environment
Battery Connectors

Amphenol CS offers customized battery or charger connectors and terminals meeting general industry standards. These reliable and robust interconnection systems features enhanced durability. These connectors are available in various pin configurations and connector sizes to suit wide range of applications including cordless power tools, battery charging connection for E-bikes, lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners

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Cordless Power Tools
Cordless Battery pack


  • Available in Various Pin Configuration and Connector sizes
  • Current Rating: Up to 40 Amps*
  • Dual Beam contact design for Receptacle Contacts
  • Weather proof solutions
  • High Number of Mating cycles


  • Wide range of application
  • Covers the entire low and medium power requirements
  • Reliable electrical connection
  • Harsh environments
  • Meets requirements of demanding applications
Electrical Performance
  • Current Rating : Up to 40 Amps*
  • Dielectric Voltage : 1000 VAC
Mechanical Performance
  • Mating Cycles : Up to 4000 Mating Cycles*
  • Insertion force per pin: 10-20N max.*
    Withdrawal force per pin: 7.5-10N max.(1.5N Min)*
  • Plating : Au/ GXT/Silver/Tin / Nickel
  • Contact : High performance copper alloy
  • Housing : Thermo plastic
Approvals & Certifications
  • Flammability : UL94V-0
  • EC 60512 : Connectors for Electronic Equipment
  • IP67, IP68 Compliance*
  • EIA 364 : Electrical Connector/Socket Test Procedures Including Environmental Classifications.
Environment Condition
  • Operating Temp : -40°C to +150°C
  • Bulk / Tray / Tape & Reel

* Above stated specification are the common spec. However this can be upgraded/modified based on the Customer Requirement.


Battery Connectors
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Battery Connectors
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