Industrial Embedded Computing

Engineered for harsh industrial applications, Industrial Embedded Computers are high performing computers capable of establishing machine-to-machine communication and handle next-level automation requirements. Unlike typical desktop PC's, Industrial embedded Computers are designed to withstand harsh and industrial environments with extreme temperature variations, a high level of shock and vibration with enhanced durability and resistance to dust and water. Amphenol's advanced and rugged industrial I/O and PCB connectors are designed for these harsh industrial environments.

Industrial PCs are capable of supporting machine vision, data acquisition, automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing processes. These computers come with special-purpose real-time embedded or IoT variant operating systems and meet shock resistance standards like IEC 68-2-27. Amphenol offers advanced, industrial I/O and PCB connector solutions that are built into these machines.

Single Board Computers (SBCs) are palm sized mini-computers with all the capabilities of a normal computer. With Industry 4.0, single board computers are being increasingly deployed to perform sophisticated computing and advanced machine communications. Amphenol provides a broad range of connector solutions for single board computers.

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